Jörg Hysek窶冱 sculptures are the result of the expression of a philosophy unique to the artist, grounded in the perception of the instant. The artist窶冱 passionate spirit, together with his philosophical quest, become manifest through his sculptures: farther from the mathematical gradients, the 窶亙nstant窶 is the only substantial benchmark.

Brimming of emotion and ambiguity, the sculpture offers the sight of mathematical time but invites the contemplation of much more: emotional time. Thus minutes and hours lose their rational significance; capturing the instant is what truly matters. Solely the emotion inscribes itself as a point of reference, leaving an undeniable mark, whilst sculpting the instant across the mass of time.

Am I truly seizing the instant, or is the instant seizing me? It is about agility, curiosity and innocence窶ヲ An encounter between balance and movement.

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